About the photographer...

    This is my wonderful family! From the left; Brandon who is attending NNU majoring in athletic training, next is my son Corey who is shown graduating from the College of Idaho with a major in accounting and a minor in math. The short one next to him is me with my fabulous husband Troy. 

Personal notes...

Photography should not just be about just taking a photo ; it is showing the emotion that was there at the time and capturing it in a photo for a lifetime to view when you have forgotten the feeling that you had at that event. THAT is what I strive for.  

Studying at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana made me fall in love with photography all over again. I had shot fine art before and a little photojournalism but only as a hobby. Learning under instructors that had worked with Ansel Adams , Galen Rowell ( world renown adventure/outdoors photographer ), David Middleton ( fine art) and Nevada Weir ( stock / photojournalism, fine art), Barbara Van Cleve ( award winning western photographer), as well as others; I learned to put depth and meaning into my art.

I have been lucky enough to have my works published in the Woodland Zoo Calender in Seattle , Washington; a book 2000 The New Millineum which features a shot of Boise's Capital with fireworks . With photos and photographers from around the world, the book sold internationally. I have also had photos featured in movie credits such as " Firehouse Dog"and worked for the Idaho Press Tribune as a photojournalistic news photographer. I have been awarded Canyon County Fairs Champion ribbons as well as numerous blue ribbons in the professional division at the Idaho State fair in Boise. I also have been awarded honorable mention in the fine arts competition at the Nampa Festival of the Arts which I felt was an honor as I was competing against fine art categories of beautiful paintings, sculptures and fine art.

As a photojournalist I covered everything from news/business to art to sports and loved it. When we had the opportunity to go to Louisiana to show the highs and lows of our wonderful troops headed to Iraq; I got to go and stay there a week with our boys along with Governor Dirk Kempthorne and rock and roll great Paul Revere and the Raiders. Ben Fletcher ( IPT Reporter) and I talked to and photographed the boys from enjoying time relaxing, talking to us about their families, attending special events , eating Thanksgiving dinner with them and finally watching them board the plane that would eventually take them to Iraq.We learned alot from them and them about us; and they took a piece of our heart on the plane with them. Most returned home but some didn't... I will cherish that time with them forever in my life.What brave and wonderful guys we have over there.Another of my loves was BSU football and shooting sports!!! GO BRONCOS!!!

Photojournalism, however, does not work hand in hand with having a family and family in the end took priority. I do miss it and hope to get a little back with dbh photography. Family and being a Christian are #1 with us and we are lucky to have two awesome boys that keep us running but very proud! One has graduated from the College of Idaho and the other will be attending NNU in the fall. My husband Troy and I are lucky enough to live in the wonderful community of Greenleaf and have been blessed with wonderful friends here.

I love the people out there and their amazing stories! If you need a photographer to cover your lifes events in anything from youth sports to family reunions or even a birthday party. I love them all! Call me and I can shoot those for you and capture memories that will last forever! We are open to all families , gay and transgender welcome!!! 

God Bless You and Your Family!!!

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