Senior Portrait  or Family / Couple  Portrait Prices:


How does it work?? When you call I will have you fill out a form via e-mail that will give me a better idea of where to meet you to shoot at. Such as what look are you going for..and who are you? Do you love sports, are you into punk, do want to do something creative and crazy or do you want a simple beautiful photo of the best you can look? Do you have a favorite pet , like to play sports or ride a cool bike? We can do action shots as well!


Usually 2 to 3 wardrobe changes fit per hour of shooting. I love new ideas ! If you want to try something we will give it a shot. I love to have fun and try to make it a blast as it will show in your face and the way you hold yourself in your photo.


I will then post my shoot on this website and you can choose your favorites . YOU get to decide not me as to which ones are the best of you. Then I will burn them onto a disc and ship them to you as soon as your package is paid for. It is easy as that! If you have any questions at any time please give me a call 208-921-1848 or e-mail me.

Be who you are and lets have a blast!!!

Photo Packages:

1) Just a  Bit:

$50.00 C/D of one photo ( one pose) But unlimited printing as they are copyright free.

2) Some More Please: 

$100.00 for 5 photos on a disc. with unlimited printing.

3) A Bunch!

$150.00 C/D of up to 10 photos with unlimited printing.

4) A Bunch More! 

$200.00 for 15 photos on a disc with unlimited printing.

4) The Works!

$250.00 for 20 color photos on a disc with unlimited printing .

5) The Ultimate !

$325..00 for 30 full color high resoulution photos placed on a disc that you can print with unlimited printing.


Not Quite enough?

Bought a package and want to add more of the ones that were shot? It is only $15.00 per photo more up to 5. Or.... 5 to 20 more photos are $10.00 more per photo. Or... want more??  21 to 30 more are only$5.00 more per photo. 


. I will not copyright these and you are free to print as many and as often as you like! I do however own the rights to them so I can use them in advertising my website or entering them in photo contests.  I recommend Costco to print out your photos as they do incredible work and they are local. It is always nice to support our local labs.



Want To Earn Free Photos or a Discount?

If you recommend me to a friend and they book and shoot with me , I will give you 5 of the shots you didn't choose but wanted for free! Or a 10 % discount off of your shoot!


Action Sports Photos Prices: 


Photos shot at a game are the same as one of my sports packet prices ( the ones you received from your coaches)  and you can order any item that was listed on the flyers with these photos as well.  Also which is very popular is the action photo burned to a disc copyright free. Prices of those are below...

1 sports action photo burned to a disc $10.00.._  2 sports action photos $15.00 _  3 Sports Action Photos $20.00 _ 4 Sports Action Photos $25.00 - 5 Sports Action Photos $30.00 burned to a disc.

The best place I have found to get them printed is Costco. 

Modeling Shoots:

Same as above unless it is just a head shot. That would only be $50.00 total and would include the name, etc. that you need on the bottom of the photo on a disc that you can print.. If more is involved I can work you up a quote for the package. Just let me know what you are thinking .


Class Reunions-Awards Dinners-Parties:

We love to shoot in a photojournalistic style. Catching the silly moments, the group shots, the fun times that come only once in a while. Sit back and relax and let us " shoot your friends" lol..

Shooting for an hour to 2 hours for this type is $50.00 to $100.00 depending on what is involved. Photos are included in this price up to 25. For each set of 25 after the first it is $25.00 more. They are as well placed on a disc so you could have your group split the cost as they are all welcome to use them.



How to order? Either through here or send me an e-mail with the number of the photos and what you would like. I will mail them to you after receiveing the payment ..easy!!!


Just to let you know.. all of my photos are copyrighted and if copied in any way ( facebook ,flash copying, etc.. I will charge you full copyright price for those as well as a legal fee for taking them off of my site. It is illegal; please do not ruin it for others! And if your photos are burned to a disc, I will include a copyright notice that you are free to copy but not sell or promote them as your own work. It is sad that I have to explain this ; but it does happen. Most places will not copy them without my permission so you will need to hang on to your notice.


Have a photo need that is not listed? I shoot fine art as well for flyers, car shots , ads, or for your home. Shoot me an e-mail! I would love to talk to you about your photo ideas!

God Bless! !!





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